#ubuntu #oniric #upgrade #problems #fixes #kde #gnome

#ubuntu #oniric #upgrade #problems #fixes #kde #gnome

#ubuntu #oniric #upgrade #problems #fixes #kde #gnome

With Ubuntu Oneiric my KDE/QTK theme configuration broke leaving Evolution and other gtk programs looking horrible. Just theme issues aside, the fonts were far too small to comfortable to read, after some time I found that loading gnome-settings-daemon and using gnome-tweak-tool

I was able to get the fonts set where I could easily see the text again. For the time being having mis-matching themes between programs is something I will and am willing to put up with.

But the next problem that seems to come up at times is something to do with dconf crashing or not starting in time. For some programs like Firefox it no big deal (yes Firefox I want you as the default browser, again), but for others (like Miro) the only way to get back full working control is to kill the program.

Putting aside problems I had on my borked filesystem, I’m not seeing anything in this update to make me glad I updated. I use a number of 3rd party sources (PPAs), so for some programs I was already up to date or had a more recent version than what Oneiric had.

And everything was working just the way I liked. I’ve told my parents to hold off on updating the system, and I’ll see how I feel after just a couple of days.

For many reasons I’d like to switch back to a rolling release like Debian, but I’m not a fan of their current policies (ie: How they are handling Firefox/Mozilla), and the issue of 3rd party sources.

When it comes to 3rd party sources, Ubuntu does seems better off with its PPA. I’ve looked at other distros. But I haven’t found anything I’m willing to try in a vm let alone install, yet.

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  1. Bobby Adesuyan
    I’m putting no blame on ubuntu or kde. But this kde/gnome qt4/qtk4 thing surprised me, the fix was pretty easy once I worked through things.

    I just though there would continue to be the good integration that I had been enjoying.

    I’ve been following Planet Gnome in Google reader, so I have some vague idea of whats going on, and don’t like Gnome devs trend to make thing ‘simpler’.

    Mostly I just wish devs would listen more to the users and take account that there is people that run in mixed environments. And do want to customize things, like font sizes.

    As for kmail vs evolution, I’ve tried it in the past and found evolution much closer to what I find comfortable using.

    I do have a /home, and am well used to issues related to using 3rd part sources… But they give me what I want, and I’m will to put up with the times I have to fix things.

    Really putting aside the problems I can trace to my file system glitch, it was a pretty easy upgrade. Just overall I’m not really seeing anything that is a ‘must have’ for this release.

    I came to Ubuntu from Debian, so I have some experience dealing with dependency troubles.

    It’ll all get fixed or forked, and what I’m doing now has things working okay for me now.

  2. Some of the gtk issues you are having are no fault of kubuntu or in fact kde, the kde guys have to bend over back to not only to ensure that kde apps looks presentable on gnome but also that gtk apps fits well in a kde environment. Unfortunately the gnome Devs care less about this. Some developers for oxygen decided to create an oxygen gtk theme which would allow gtk apps integrete perfectly on kde. It is no easy work but they did a fabulous job. However their work support gtk 2 ATM and as u might have known gtk2 has been deprecated in favour of gtk 3. Ubuntu 11.10 is based on gnome 3 enhence most apps have switched to gtk3. Its either you get yourself familiar with kmail (which beats evolution any day IMHO) or you wait for the oxygen guys to release a version of oxygen-gtk which supports gtk3. Or you suck it up and bare with the ugliness.

    Concerning broken system support. Upgrading from one version of ubuntu (or in fact any os) to another is always a flaky process and result always very. When you do so after making turns of changes to your system via unofficial 3rd party repositories then you are really asking for trouble. I always recommend a clean upgrade. Create a separate home partition and then install the new version without formatting your home partition that way you maintain your user settings. You can not have installed all sort of packages via ppa and still expect that somehow an upgrade process would work fine. I have made much changes to my kubuntu lot counts of apps I installed from git hence I can’t even imagine upgrading my system now. In any case my current setup on 11.04 is running fine. Not in s hurry to upgrade .. not until the power regression bug is fixed

  3. I was running KDE desktop, then moved to Kubuntu, as well as Xubuntu on my laptops. Most of the switch to Kubuntu was to overcome the (what I saw as) flaws in the 11.04 Ubuntu release. Now with 11.10 I feel that they reworked it enough to make it usable out of the box.

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