! Uptime of plus 12 hours !

! Uptime of plus 12 hours !

! Uptime of plus 12 hours !

Last night I was so close to get taking the motherboard out and returning it. Nothing I did seemed to fix my random reboot problems.

Being that returning something bought online is such a bother at times, I though I try one more thing. Just so I could say I tried everything if asked.

I move the ram modules around, from A B A B to A A B B, not how it should be. But that was how it was on my last motherboard, and I also under-clocked the ram.

The bios was showing it running at 1334, and I’m pretty sure this is 1333 MHz rated ram. So I pulled it down to 1066, I can take slower if it mean stable.

And when I got up after getting some sleep, it was still up with no reboots.

Thinking back in my googling I saw mentions of people having similar problems, that was fixed changing the memory. That didn’t really register with me till after I had under-clocked the memory. Maybe my subconscious mind was working on this problem better than I was. 🙂

Hopefully everything will just keep working now, and I wont have any more problems from this system (or at least for a very long time).