Devil Is Dead

Devil Is Dead

Lafferty, R. A.

Language: English

Publisher: Bart Books

Published: May 1, 1971

Words: 77363
Pages: 282


This tells of an astonishing band of adventurers seeking the Devil himself. It is a tale of demons and changelings, monsters and mermaids--and of how it is not always serious to die, the first time it happens. The Devil is Dead Trilogy: -Archipelago ('79): 1st book of trilogy. Manuscript Press, Lafayette, LA. -The Devil is Dead ('71). Berkeley Hts/Gillette, NJ: '99 edition, Wildside Press; '71/77 ed, Gregg Press, Boston. Interglossia: A portion omitted from printings published in How Many Miles to Babylon?, pp16-18, A Magazine of Popular Literature & Popular Culture 5, in '72 (ed. by Tom Collins, Fan Press, Lakemont, GA) Apocryphal Passage of the Last Night of Count Finnegan on Galveston Island: The last chapter omitted from 1st edition because the publisher didn't receive it in time. Published in Episodes of the Argo -More Than Melchisedech Tales of Chicago Tales of Midnight Argo