Riverworld and Other Stories

Riverworld and Other Stories

Farmer, Philip Jose

Book 1.0 of Riverworld

Language: English

Publisher: Berkley

Published: Nov 1, 1979

Words: 85244
Pages: 314


Riverworld. To millions of readers it is as familiar as Earth - this awesome planet where all humanity that ever lived, all 36 billion of us, from Tom Mix to Joan of Arc, are simultaneously reincarnated along the banks of a million-mile river... RIVERWORLD AND OTHER STORIES This new collection contains the original RIVERWORLD novelette, much expanded and revised, plus several other startling stories with the uncanny Farmer touch! Contents: Riverworld J.C. on the Dude Ranch The Volcano The Henry Miller Dawn Patrol The Problem of the Sore Bridge - Among Others Brass and Gold (or Horse and Zeppelin in Beverly Hills) The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod The Voice of the Sonar in My Vermiform Appendix Monolog The Leaser of Two Evils The Phantom of the Sewers