McElhaney, Scott

Language: English

Publisher: Superluminal

Published: Apr 2, 2013

Words: 39543
Pages: 164


~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EDITORIAL REVIEWS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "McElhaney's story telling is deft, well-paced, and with an ear for conversation" ~ Beacon Journal Book Review "He brings something refreshing to the '99-cent Kindle' section of Amazon." Associated Content Review ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOOK DESCRIPTION: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the future, all galactic trade will be dependent upon one universal resource. It’s a necessary commodity that is quite heavy and thus very expensive to launch into space, especially when you require enough of it to support a large crew for an extensive journey. That universal resource is water and there’s one little outpost in the Kuiper Belt that holds the contract for mining and supplying this valuable commodity. Theophilus has spent his entire life aboard the vastly populated Oort Station along with thousands of others who were merely a byproduct of their ancestor’s occupation. When his older brother stows away on a departing Galactic Cruiser to chase after a possible conspiracy, he winds up becoming another statistic in the mystery of the missing ships. It would be years before Theo would discover that his brother may not have been so crazy after all and that indeed, ships were heading out of the system but they weren’t going to Ophidian or Legacy. And sometimes, the ships weren’t returning at all. A follow-up to Ghosts of Ophidian brought to you by the international bestselling author of the Mystic Saga. Over 175,000 books downloaded worldwide! Also check out his newest science fiction thriller Dominion available now! **