City of the Chasch

City of the Chasch

Vance, Jack

Book 1.0 of Tschai Planet of Adventure

Language: English

Publisher: Mayflower Books

Published: Nov 28, 1974

Words: 54165
Pages: 199


[Read by Elijah Alexander] Jack Vance's Tschai novels are considered his masterwork, a constantly changing epic canvas of weird peoples, exotic lands, and surprising extraterrestrial adventures. ***City of Chasch*** is the first book in the series. When someone sends distress signals to outer space from the planet Tschai, it is Adam Reith's misfortune to be sent from Earth to investigate. Because when his ship comes close to Tschai, it is torpedoed -- and Adam escapes to the surface with his life and nothing else. On Tschai, a vast, previously unexplored planet, Adam is taken as a slave by humans and learns that there are four other intelligent but nonhuman races dominant on this strange world. To solve the mystery of the distress call and the vicious attack on his ship, he must first gain his freedom, then find safe passage by the city and the alien Chasch and their treacherous cousins, the Blue Chasch.