Of Hearts and Stars

Of Hearts and Stars

West, Edward

Language: English

Publisher: Taunt Publishing

Published: Sep 17, 2013

Words: 57773
Pages: 213


Life for young Leoric Swift starts out blessed and kind despite the horrors of war laying just beyond the night sky, but, once lit in the hearts of men, war engulfs all like a wildfire. Adversaries, uncertainty, doubt, and even his own past team up against Swift as he takes his first steps on a journey to end the conflict that tore out a piece of his soul. Swift needs a miracle in a world where nothing but the accidental and inevitable seem to exist, but with friendship, hard work, and the strength of an iron will, even miracles themselves can be made inevitable. ** ### From the Author Hi, hello, and dzień dobry! I wrote this novel in such a fashion as to provide readers with a solid story, a good deal of action to keep the pacing fluid, and all sorts of fun dialogue to bring you closer to the characters you're going to meet. I had a blast writing it myself, especially picturing all of the scenes in my imagination, and it's my goal to make sure that readers have just as much fun. Be sure to let me know what you think! ### About the Author Ed West thinks cats are awesome. So are dogs, video games, hummus, green tea, anime and loud music. Movies too. When he isn't laying about, second guessing manuscripts or goldbricking, you can catch him on popular, yet ultimately faddish social media platforms such as Twitter, Google+(maybe?), Youtube(one video per fiscal year!) and others(nope.)