Imager Portfolio #02 - Imager's Challenge

Imager Portfolio #02 - Imager's Challenge

J. r. ,. L. E. Modesitt

Language: English

Publisher: Tor Fantasy

Published: Sep 27, 2010

Words: 161290
Pages: 677


From Publishers Weekly In this second installment of Modesitt's serpentine political fantasy series (following 2008's Imager), the imager Rhennthyl has been made a Maitre D'Aspect and Liaison to the Civic Patrol of L'Excelsis. As a covert security operative, Rhennthyl must ferret out corruption. He expects guidance from the Collegium, but the more involved he becomes in the patrol, the more the masters distance themselves. When Rhennthyl makes enemies of one of the high holder families, the Collegium's refusal to become involved leaves him no options but to take matters into his own hands. Though the story drags occasionally as Rhennthyl ponders every aspect of his predicament and the Masters give constant professorial lectures, Modesitt's steady prose guides Rhennthyl and the reader through the hierarchical foot-dragging and feudal power-mongering. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Review Praise for the Imager Portfolio "The Imager Portfolio features some of the best characters Modesitt has ever created, real enough to make you consider what you'd do in their places." --Booklist *on *Imager's Challenge "Modesitt writes some of the most interesting characters in fantasy. He is a master of developing young heroes. Fans of the author's Recluce and Corean series will enjoy [the Imager Portfolio]." --SFRevu "The Imager Portfolio features some of the best characters Modesitt has ever created, real enough to make you consider what you'd do in their places." --Booklist* on *Imager's Challenge "[Modesitt is] one of the genre's most accomplished detailers of the social and political complexities of wielding power." --Library Journal* on *Imager's Challenge "If you are looking for a character-driven book (with a bit of mystery) that is well written and believable, and spends time examining people's motivations, then this book is very much for you." --Fantasybookreviewer* on *Imager "There are strong female characters as is the norm for Modesitt's novels. The women he develops don't need to be masculine to be strong. . . .  Mr. Modesitt's fans will not be disappointed. Fans of David Farland should find this work enjoyable as well. It is odd to call something realistic fantasy, but in this case it works. There are definite laws that are followed and a realistic economic system. The government that is developed is a reaction to the world built upon the actions of others in the past. There is a little bit of a mystery to be solved in this story as well. . . .  I look forward to the next volume and I am sure many of you will too." --SFRevu* on *Imager "The prolific Modesitt kicks off a new fantasy series that boasts an early modern setting--think Victorian times without the pollution. . . .   Modesitt's capacity to wring new surprises from stock ideas remains undiminished." --Kirkus Reviews* on *Imager "Modesitt has drawn a world intriguing enough by itself and thoroughly integrated the magic of imaging into it. The characters are real people, learning and struggling and dealing with their families. Rivetingly beginning a new series, Imager Portfolio, this is thoroughly absorbing, whetting the appetite for the next installment." --Booklist* on *Imager "Excelling in his characterizations and the verisimilitude of his world building, the author of the long-standing "Recluce" novels and the "Spellsong Cycle" crafts an intriguing series opener about the magic of creation and perception that should find a place in most fantasy collections." --Library Journal* on *Imager "Meticulous worldbuilding . . . .  The world is fascinating, and the Imagers themselves are extraordinary." --RT Bookreviews* on *Imager