Alan Dean Foster

Book 1.0 of Founding of the Commonwealth

language: English

Publisher: Del Rey Books

Publishing date: 1999-01-01 00:00:00

Words: 103990
Pages: 424


Phylogenesis (Founding of the Commonwealth Series #1) by Alan Dean Foster In the years after first contact, humans and the intelligent insect like Thranx agree to a tentative sharing of ideas and cultures despite the ingrained repulsion they have yet to overcome. Thus, a slow, lengthy process of limited contact begins. Yet they never plan for a chance meeting between a misfit artist and a petty thief. Desvendapur is a talented Thranx poet who is bored with his life and needs new inspiration for his work. Venturing beyond the familiar, Desvendapur runs into Cheelo Montoya, a small-time criminal with big dreams of making a fast buck. Together they will embark upon a journey that will forever change their beliefs, their futures, and their worlds . . .