Subterranean Gallery

Subterranean Gallery

Russo, Richard Paul

Language: English

Publisher: Tor Books

Published: Jun 2, 1989

Words: 98104
Pages: 412


San Francisco was turning into a jungle--more and more people living in cars, more and more mobs roaming the streets, more and more dangers in day-to-day living. Rheinhardt was a sculptor who did the best he could in San Francisco... until they drafted his best friend to fight in South America... until his artist's colony turned into a home for spoiled no-talents... until his girlfriend began to ask him where he was going... until he felt like he couldn't stand it any more. Justinian was a mystery man, a Vietnam vet who stalked Rheinhardt quietly, waiting for the right moment. Waiting to take him to Subterranean Gallery. "Subterranean Gallery is a day-after-tomorrow SF novel with an authentically funky lived-in quality that immediately convinces the reader that its characters and settings are real, that the urban future of the United States is likely to be very much the way Russo imagines it, and that people of compassion and creativity may still find it in themselves to bring forth from oppression and desolation a revivifying hope. Reading Subterranean Gallery is an engrossing, gut-wrenching experience--but ultimately and uplifting one as well." -Michael Bishop, author of The Secret Ascension