The Dragon's Child

The Dragon's Child

J. Kathleen Cheney

language: English

Publisher: Dream Palace Press

Publishing date: Feb 1, 2017

Words: 8780
Pages: 31


The Dragon's Child by J. Kathleen Cheney Kseniya Ilyevna originally came to the mountain of the Dragon Wizard to protect her younger sister, but when she learns of the wizard’s true plans for his daughter, she vows to spirit the child away. In seizing freedom for the little girl—her sister’s child, Jia-li—Kseniya finds herself tied to the Zheng family and all the strange events that befall them. In six short stories, we follow Kseniya and her extended family as Jia-li grows into a budding wizard herself. [Previously published separately, this brings together the stories found in the ebooks: **The Dragon’s Child**, **The Dragon’s Pearl**, and** The Eretik]**