The Jaguar Knights

The Jaguar Knights

Dave Duncan

Book 3.0 of Chronicles of the King's Blades

Language: English

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Published: Aug 30, 2005

Words: 134831
Pages: 526


The Jaguar Knights (Chronicle of the King's Blades Series #3) by Dave Duncan The realm's most feared swordsman, Sir Wolf has earned his name, the "King's Killer," well. Unlike many of his brother Blades, however, Wolf detests his sworn duty to do the bloody bidding of a liege he can never respect. But when an impregnable fortress is breached and a former royal mistress is abducted by brazen assailants, Wolf must leap into the fray. Burdened with the company of his disgraced brother, Sir Lynx -- the only Blade ever to lose his ward and live -- and shadowed by a mysterious Inquisitor with a secret agenda, Wolf must make his way across a landscape of nightmares vivid and terrible enough to chill any fearless heart. For somewhere in this dark, unfamiliar world, the fate of all Chivial hangs in the balance -- and it is the destiny of one reluctant Blade to tip the scales to salvation ... or doom.