Dave Duncan

Book 3.0 of King‘s Daggers

Language: English

Publisher: Avon Books

Published: Oct 1, 2001

Words: 145148
Pages: 582


Silvercloak (King's Daggers Series #3) by Dave Duncan A Notorious Killer Stalks the King The world's most deadly assassin has been hired to kill King Ambrose. Once again King's Daggers are plunged into danger, because only White Sister Emerald can identify the killer's magic and only Sir Stalwart knows what he looks like. The two must trap the killer before he can strike the king — or at them. As the trial of death leads back to Ironhall, the swordsmen school Stalwart so recently left, he finds he is a boy sent to do a man's job — and Emerald is a girl sent to do a boy's. **About the Author** Dave Duncan is an award-winning author whose fantasy trilogy, *The Seventh Sword*, is considered a sword-and- sorcery classic. His numerous novels include three Tales of the King's Blades — *The Gilded Chain*, *Lord of the Fire Lands*, and *Sky of Swords*; *Paragon Lost*, a previous Chronicle of the King's Blades; *Strings*, *Hero*; the popular tetralogies *A Man of His Word* and *A Handful of Men*; and the remarkable, critically acclaimed fantasy trilogy *The Great Game*.