Apocalypse Z

Apocalypse Z

Swanson, G. E.

Book 1.0 of Apocalypse Z

Language: English

Publisher: G.E. Swanson

Published: Jun 24, 2012

Words: 70022
Pages: 261


A deadly virus is ravaging the world. Zombies roam the streets and mankind is nearing extinction. In an attempt to escape the virus and zombie's grasp, the Jacobs family and a group of young adults must travel 1,300 miles up the West Coast to a cabin located high in the mountains of Washington. Things don’t go as planned and their trip quickly turns into a life or death struggle. Along the way they fight zombies, psychos, freaks, and sometimes amongst themselves. This book contains: graphic violence, sex, and strong language. This is the first book in the Apocalypse Z series.