Dark Corners

Dark Corners

Rusch, Kristine Kathryn

Book 1.0 of Faerie Justice

Language: English

Publisher: WMG Publishing

Published: Jan 21, 2011

Words: 5492
Pages: 23


Solae keeps his family alive during the horrible years of Paris’s occupation by hiding in the catacombs. The Germans murdered Solae’s father, who had a gift for glamour, in the first days of the occupation, as the lights went dim in the City of Light. Solae possesses the power to make light out of nothing. His father called that a useless talent, but it keeps the family from complete darkness. Now, as the Germans fight to stay in Paris, Solae wants to help defeat them. He wants to use his magic, but how can light save his city, his people, his family? Solae will soon find out. “Deeply evocative, it breathes menace from every page and memorably conveys what Rusch calls the ‘casual evil’ that suffused Germany as the Nazis came to power.” —The Daily Mail (London) on Hitler’s Angel “…the always impressive Rusch can successfully tackle any genre she sets her sights on.” —Barnes & Noble.com (Editor’s Pick) on Hitler’s Angel “Like early Ray Bradbury, Rusch has the ability to switch on a universal dark.” —the Times of London