The Paradise Game

The Paradise Game

Stableford, Brian M.

Book 4.0 of Hooded Swan

Language: English

Publisher: Wildside Press

Published: Mar 28, 2011

Words: 50262
Pages: 195


In a galactic culture that extends from quasi-utopian worlds like New Alexandria to the vermin-infested slums of Old Earth, the Star-Pilots are the great heroes of the day, and Grainger has become a legend in his own time. Pharos is paradise—or so it appears. But the champions of commerce want to package and sell the planet, and the conservationists want to stop them. Grainger's employer, Titus Charlot, is enlisted to negotiate a settlement, but the game is rigged. Charlot needs the Star-Pilot's help, but there seems to be nothing he can do—until the planet's ecosystem takes a hand, and "paradise" suddenly turns deadly! Hooded Swan, Book 4.