Becoming Human

Becoming Human

Eliza Green

Book 1.0 of Exilon 5

Language: English

Publisher: Eliza Green

Published: Dec 13, 2012

Words: 91031
Pages: 347


**A mysterious disappearance. An interstellar conspiracy. Can a troubled investigator save humanity?** Bill Taggart lost his wife and his last spark of happiness on humanity's new home. Now as part of the team sent to monitor the indigenous aliens on Exilon 5, the investigator hopes to find a clue to explain her disappearance. But when official reports on the mysterious race clash with Bill's findings, he wonders just how many secrets the terraformed planet holds… As tensions run high between Bill's team and the aliens, a woman hoping to transfer to Exilon 5 uncovers a dark, government conspiracy. With time running out, she and Bill must team up to reveal the truth before humankind suffers devastating consequences. With a world falling apart around him, will Bill discover the terrifying secret about his wife and humanity's last chance of survival? *Becoming Human* is the first book in the Exilon 5 series of captivating dystopian sci-fi novels. If you like incredible world building, complex characters, and disturbing secrets, then you'll love Eliza Green's intricately woven post-apocalyptic novel. Buy *Becoming Human* to travel to a brave new dystopian world today! **EXILON 5 SERIES READING ORDER** Becoming Human #1 Altered Reality #2 Crimson Dawn #3 Quantum Silence #4 * Isobel #4.5 * Marcus #4.6 Book #5 (Coming in 2019) **OTHER BOOKS BY ELIZA GREEN** Feeder #1 (Young Adult Sci Fi) * Dissent #1.5 * Intent #1.6 Breeder #2