The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall

Williams, Walter Jon

Book 3.0 of Dagmar Shaw Thrillers

language: English

Publisher: Orbit

Publishing date: Jan 1, 2012

Words: 121293
Pages: 459


Dagmar Shaw got out of the game... and into the movies. Sean is a washed-up child actor reduced to the lowest dregs of reality television to keep himself afloat. His life was a downward spiral of alcoholism, regret, and failure... until he met Dagmar. Except Sean has secrets, dark even for the Hollywood treadmill of abuse, addiction, and rehab. And Dagmar is a cipher. There are dark rumors about her past, the places she's been, the things she was involved in. People tend to die around her and now, she wants Sean for something. A movie, she says, but with her history, who's to say what her real game is? **