Ben Bova

Book 1.0 of Moonbase Saga

Language: English

Publisher: Avon Books

Published: Sep 15, 1996

Words: 174051
Pages: 710


Moonbase is little more than a dream. A privatized former government lunar project, it consists of a dozen cramped, interconnected "temporary" shelters buried below piles of regolith rubble. But ex-astronaut Paul Stavenger envisions the majestic domed city Moonbase must inevitably become: a bustling center for manufacturing and scientific development vital to the interests of the Earth and all humankind. Yet only his wife, Joanna Masterson Stavenger, has the power to derail the corporate opposition that could dismantle the financially troubled installation to which her husband has dedicated his life and future. The moon and its mysteries have captivated the Stavengers - and it will continue to exert its mysterious power on the family through subsequent generations. For in the gray lunar dust, battlelines are to be drawn between innovative creators who would mine the heavens for its riches...and craven destroyers ruthlessly dedicated to enacting a nightmarish nanotechnological revenge somewhere on the merciless scorched expanse of the Mare Nubium.