Eve of Man: Eve of Man Trilogy

Eve of Man: Eve of Man Trilogy

Tom Fletcher & Giovanna Fletcher

Book 1.0 of Eve of Man Trilogy

Language: English

Publisher: Penguin

Published: May 31, 2018

Words: 113086
Pages: 475


This is the electrifying dystopian love story, the first in the trilogy by bestselling authors Giovanna and Tom Fletcher.'. . . ONE OF THE BIG BOOKS OF THE YEAR. YOU'D BE A FOOL TO MISS IT' HEAT______________ Eve is like any other teenage girl . . .Except that the fate of the entire world lies on her shoulders.She's the first girl born in fifty years.She's the answer to their prayers.She's the final hope.Which means she has one function alone . . .At sixteen, Eve must face her destiny and make a choice.She will choose a man, one out of three carefully selected suitors.But what about Bram?The future of the planet hangs on Eve making the right choice.Will she?COULD YOU CHOOSE BETWEEN LOVE, AND THE FUTURE OF THE HUMAN RACE?