Dinotopia Lost

Dinotopia Lost

Alan Dean Foster

Book 1.0 of Dinotopia

language: English

Publisher: Ace

Publishing date: Jan 1, 1996

Words: 108189
Pages: 394


Dinotopia Lost by Alan Dean Foster A band of marauding pirates finds its way to Dinotopia and captures a family of Dinosaurs. It's up to Will Denison to track down the pirates and save his friendsand the fate of the entire Dinotopian civilization. Author Biography: Alan Dean Foster is the author of *Dinotopia Lost,* and *The Hand of Dinotopia,* which are based on *Dinotopia* and *Dinotopia: The World Beneath,* written and illustrated by James Gurney. Mr. Foster has written novelizations of many popular fantasy and science fiction films, including *Star Wars* and the *Alien* films. He and his family live in Prescott, AZ.