When the Devil Dances

When the Devil Dances

Ringo, John

Book 3.0 of Legacy of the Alldenata

Language: English

Publisher: Baen

Published: Jan 1, 2002

Words: 185095
Pages: 804


After five years of battling invaders, human civilization prepares a strike to drive the aliens from the Earth. But the Clan-Lord of the Sten has learned from the defeats human have dealt him, and has his own battle plan. When he squares off against Major Michael O'Neal, the only winner will be Satan himself. . . . At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (DRM Rights Management). ** ### From Publishers Weekly This latest in a series depicting the invasion of our galaxy by a rapacious alien species isn't as much fun as its predecessors, A Hymn Before Battle and Gust Front. Unfortunately, as Ringo, a military affairs adviser to Fox News, indicates in his afterword, what was escapist entertainment before 9/11 no longer provides the same escape. Five years after the Posleen made their first landings, most of the world lies under their control. By squandering precious resources, the leaders of North America have contained the enemy to several bridgeheads. Major Mike O'Neal commands the only force capable of engaging the Posleen in a war of maneuver. Even "Mighty Mite" O'Neal despairs of victory, as clueless politicians and self-serving "allies" cause his soldiers to die in battle against hopeless odds. We were living in a Golden Age, muses O'Neal, before the Posleen came, and he struggles to prevent his troops from becoming mere killing machines by keeping alive the memory of what was once and might be again. Despite the novel's somber tone, there's hope that the schemes of our supposed allies to see the Posleen and us destroy one another may fail. For thoughtful readers, Ringo raises some tough and highly relevant questions about the conflicts of interest between Americans and allies who don't share our ideas of individual dignity and freedom and about our leaders' inability to advance beyond narrow parochial interests toward the common good. Military SF fans should be well satisfied. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc. ### From Library Journal The invasion of Earth by the Posleen, a vicious alien race, results in the conquest and devastation of much of the world; in the United States, however, a few enclaves of humans make a stand along the Appalachian Mountain range using guerrilla tactics, modern weaponry, and a host of dirty tricks. Major Mike O'Neal and his forces, used to fighting the Posleen in space, now wage a desperate battle for survival on their home ground. Continuing the story begun in A Hymn Before Battle and Gust Front, Ringo demonstrates his flair for fast-paced military sf peopled with three-dimensional characters and spiced with personal drama as well as tactical finesse. A strong addition to most libraries' sf collection. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.