Neighborhood Watch Final Report

Neighborhood Watch Final Report

Taylor, Travis S.

Book 1.0 of Von Neumanns War

Language: English

Publisher: Baen Books

Published: Apr 1, 2006

Words: 8887
Pages: 32


DOI: 1011250015 In the final days before the Earth and humanity was invaded by billions of swarming, self-replicating, alien robots that were programmed to terraform the entire solar system for their designers and masters, humanity made a bold and brave last stand to prepare for and stop the impending onslaught. An above Top Secret program called Neighborhood Watch was put into place by the United States of America Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. Spacecraft were constructed in rapid, amazing time and missions were flown to both Mars and the Moon to gather more intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance on the impending threat. This is the Final Report generated by the Top Secret Neighborhood Watch program presented to the President and his advisors. History shows that it was the foresight and ingenious developments of this effort and report that would eventually lead humanity toward its only possible hope for survival against the attack of alien robots that has become known as Von Neumann's War!