To the Stars

To the Stars

Hubbard, L. Ron

Book 1.0 of L. Ron Hubbard

Language: English

Publisher: Galaxy Audio

Published: Jul 15, 2004

Words: 20323
Pages: 75


SHANGHAIED INTO ETERNITYMen were always needed for the long passage. And Captain Jocelyn knew that not even wealth and women were sufficient lure to fill his crew vacancies. For there was a price that those who entered the starship Hound would pay for their high adventure - one that no sane man would accept.A prisoner in the timelessness of the swift passage to distant planet, Alan Corday lived for the day of his return to earth. He conspired to seize the ship. But the swashbuckling pirates of space had other plans - plans that were as unchangeable as the laws of nature themselves. And Corday learned the truth finally in the acrid fumes of a war of annihilation.