Manxome Foe

Manxome Foe

Ringo, John

Book 3.0 of Looking Glass

Language: English

Publisher: Baen Books

Published: Jul 15, 2008

Words: 117041
Pages: 489


In the midst of recovering from their successful if casualty prone first mission, the crew of the Alliance Space Ship "Vorpal Blade" are suddenly scrambled back into action. All other priorities take second place as word arrives on earth of a gate colony which has fallen to an unidentified alien assault. As the only space ship currently available to the Human-Adar Alliance, the "Vorpal Blade" is dispatched to find out what happened to the colony, rescue any survivors and learn the identity of the attackers. With new complexities added to the universe started in the novel "Into the Looking Glass" and continued in "Vorpal Blade," "Manxome Foe" continues the tradition of non-stop action, valorous if quirky characters and rigorous science drawn from the frontiers of current theory. The odd-ball crew of the "Vorpal Blade" is an unlikely savior of earth, but none dare say they quail at engaging the Manxome Foe.