Time of the Great Freeze

Time of the Great Freeze

Silverberg, Robert

Language: English

Publisher: Tor Books

Published: Jul 15, 1988

Words: 49759
Pages: 218


Dr. Barnes grasped the microphone so tightly his knuckles whitened"London, this is New YorkIt's hundreds of years since the last contact between London and New York!""I hear you, New York. Have you been to the surface yet?""Not yet. But we're going to go! We hope to visit you, London! To cross the Atlantic!"For centuries, men had lived miles beneath the ground in order to survive the great Ice Block that had submerged the earth. In an attempt to resume human contact, Jim Barnes, his father and several other daring men emerge from a subterranean New York to cross the frozen Atlantic. Coping bravely with problems of food and shelter, the fury of snowstorm and the attacks of wild beasts, and the strange, savage men who roam the Earth's ice crust, they finally reach London, only to find an angry and distrustful mob. Jim's pivotal role in establishing trust and unity is revealed in a suspenseful and thrilling climax.