History Lesson

History Lesson

Arthur C. Clarke

Language: English

Publisher: RosettaBooks

Published: Jul 15, 2012

Words: 3302
Pages: 14


In the title story of this collection, Earth has entered its final ice ageprecipitated by the cooling of the sun. In this forbidding climate, a small tribe of nomadic human survivors travels toward the equator ahead of glaciers moving down from the North Pole, carrying with them a handful of relics from the 21st centuryand racing against the ice to preserve them from annihilation.This collection is a showcase of groundbreaking stories that wrestle with the moral, psychological, and ethical implications of scientific advancementwritten by one of the foremost science fiction authors of our time.Table of contents:IntroductionForeword1. Travel by Wire!2. How We Went to Mars3. Retreat from Earth4. Reverie5. The Awakening6. Whacky7. Loophole8. Rescue Party9. Technical Error10. Castaway11. The Fires Within12. Inheritance13. Nightfall14. History Lesson15. Transience16. The Wall of Darkness17. The Lion of Comarre18. The Forgotten Enemy19. Hide-and-Seek20. Breaking Strain21. Nemesis22. Guardian Angel23. Time's Arrow24. A Walk in the Dark25. Silence Please26. Trouble With the Natives27. The Road to the Sea