Marion Zimmer Bradley & Lisle, Holly

Book 1.0 of Glenraven

Language: English

Publisher: Baen

Published: Jan 1, 1995

Words: 106705
Pages: 407


MAGIC KINGDOM IN TROUBLESophie had lost a child. She was looking for peace and rest. She didn't know what it was, but Glenraven promised her that.JayJay had bad luck with husbands -- a three time loser now, all she wanted was to be a million miles away from her small North Carolina town.Glenraven seemed to be an Alpine principality somewhere in the neighborhood of northern Italy -- according to the unique guidebook advertising Glenraven's charms, obscure, almost non-traversable Alpine passages constituted the only way in. But in reality it was a magic kingdom detached in some strange dimensional way from our world. What the people of Glenraven wanted was a couple of heroes who would free them from a ruler who was quite literally a monster in human guise. What the people of Glenraven got were JayJay and Sophie.They could have done worse.