Larry Niven

Language: English

Publisher: Tor Science Fiction

Published: Aug 15, 1997

Words: 210683
Pages: 912


On an L.A. talk show Arthur C. Clarke was once asked to name his favorite writer. His answer was "Larry Niven." Countless others agree. The Baltimore Sun and Kirkus Reviews have both dubbed Niven "the premier writer of hard SF," and Gregory Benford has hailed him as "the paradigm of SF personality of the last several decade."Now Larry Niven presents us with his undisputed masterwork. N-Space contains, very simply, the best SF of his career--marvelous fiction, a wealth of anecdotes and gossip, plus Niven's own special brand of wit and excitement.Contents:1 Introduction: The Maker of Worlds (1990) essay by Tom Clancy3 On Niven (1992) essay by Frederik Pohl and Steven Barnes and David Brin and John Hertz and Wendy All and Gregory Benford15 Dramatis Personae (1990) essay by Larry Niven25 Foreword: Playgrounds for the Mind (1990) essay by Larry Niven31 From World of Ptavvs (excerpt) (1990) shortfiction by Larry Niven36 Bordered in Black (1966) shortstory by Larry Niven56 Convergent Series (1967) shortstory by Larry Niven (variant of The Long Night)62 All the Myriad Ways [Time Travel - Parallel Universe] (1968) shortstory by Larry Niven73 From A Gift From Earth (Excerpt) (1990) shortfiction by Larry Niven90 The Meddler (1968) novelette by Larry Niven112 Passerby [State] (1969) shortstory by Larry Niven126 Down in Flames (1969) essay by Larry Niven139 From Ringworld (Excerpt) (1990) shortfiction by Larry Niven148 The Fourth Profession (1971) novelette by Larry Niven195 "Shall We Indulge in Rishathra?" (1978) shortfiction by Larry Niven195 "Shall We Indulge in Rishathra?" (1978) interior artwork by William Rotsler199 Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex (1969) essay by Larry Niven208 Inconstant Moon (1971) novelette by Larry Niven234 What Can You Say About Chocolate Covered Manhole Covers? (1971) shortstory by Larry Niven245 Cloak of Anarchy [Known Space] (1972) shortstory by Larry Niven269 From Protector (excerpt) (1990) shortfiction by Larry Niven279 The Hole Man (1974) shortstory by Larry Niven293 Night on Mispec Moor [State] (1974) shortstory by Larry Niven305 Flare Time (1978) novella by Larry Niven347 The Locusts (1979) novelette by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes389 From The Mote in God's Eye (excerpt) (1990) shortfiction by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle394 Building the Mote in God's Eye [A Step Farther Out] (1976) essay by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle420 Brenda (1988) novella by Larry Niven465 The Return of William Proxmire (1989) shortstory by Larry Niven475 The Tale of the Jinni and the Sisters (1988) shortstory by Larry Niven491 Madness Has Its Place [Man-Kzin Wars] (1990) novelette by Larry Niven519 Niven's Laws (1990 version) (1990) essay by Larry Niven528 The Kiteman [Integral Trees] (1990) novelette by Larry Niven571 The Alien in Our Minds (1987) essay by Larry Niven580 Space (1990) essay by Larry Niven597 Bibliography of Larry Niven (1990) essay by uncredited