Asimov's Mysteries

Asimov's Mysteries

Isaac Asimov

language: English

Publisher: Fawcett

Publishing date: Aug 15, 1986

Words: 84566
Pages: 326


13 INCREDIBLE TALES BY THE INCOMPARABLE MASTER OF SCIENCE FICTION: THE SINGING BELLAn intergalactic criminal steals treasured, musical lunar artifacts. THE TALKING STONEA spaceship crew is planning on some illegal uranium mining with the help of on intelligent creature mode of rock. WHAT'S IN A NAME?Everything. Especially when twin librarians ore involved in a murder. PATE DE FOIE GRASJust how did that goose lay the golden egg? Also included in the collection are: THE DYING NIGHT. THE DUST OF DEATH, A LOINT OF PAW, I'M IN MARSPORT WITHOUT HILDA, MAROONED OFF VESTA and ANNIVERSARY, OBITUARY, STAR LIGHT, THE KEY, and THE BILLIARD BALL.