The Man-Kzin Wars II

The Man-Kzin Wars II

Larry Niven

Book 2.0 of Man-Kzin Wars

Language: English

Publisher: Baen

Published: Aug 15, 1989

Words: 80086
Pages: 324


Born and bred to hunting, they had never encountered a species they couldn't treat as prey - until they met the canny pseudo-pacifists from Planet Earth. They nearly overwhelmed humanity on first contact, but fast as you can say "Ghengis Khan" or "Alexander the Great" the seemingly harmless monkey boys were all over the pussycats like ugly on an ape, with space fleets and strategic thinking that left the Warrior Race quite dazzled.But that was then and this is now.The pain of lost battles has faded and the Kzinti are back, spoiling for a fight, Larry Niven's Known Space is again aflame with war.Contents:vii Introduction Larry Niven in 1 Briar Patch [Part 1 of 2] Dean Ing n. New Destinies, Vol. VII, ed. Jim Baen, Baen, 1989 67 Briar Patch [Part 2 of 2] Dean Ing n. New Destinies, Vol. VIII, ed. Jim Baen, Baen, 1989 133 The Children's Hour Jerry E. Pournelle & S. M. Stirling na