Man-Kzin Wars 9

Man-Kzin Wars 9

Larry Niven

Book 9.0 of Man-Kzin Wars

Language: English

Publisher: Baen Books

Published: Aug 15, 2001

Words: 89885
Pages: 335


THOSE KZIN DON'T KNOW WHEN THEY'RE LICKED (AND MAYBE THEY AREN'T)It was so unfair! Here the Kzin were, warcats supreme, carving out empires like the idefatigable lords of creation that they were - and then they ran into those pesky humans. Mere apes! Contemptible weed-eaters! Hardly worth the screaming and leaping uponBut when the feline Kzin moved in to take over the monkey-occupied worlds, they got clobbered. The humans, with their underhanded monkey cunning, turned communications equiptment and space drives into weapons that cut the dauntless Kzin heroes into ribbons. When the humans gained faster-than-light drive, it was all over but the, uh, howling. The Kzin had lost their first war in centuries of successful conquest.Still, you can't keep a good warcat down, and the Kzin have by no means given up. New weapons, new strategies, and new leaders - the Kzin are on the march and the humans had better keep their powder dry. Once again, it's howling time in Known Space!For action and military SF fans, these four tales intelligently develop the Kzin will add to the audience for these well-wrought aliens and their human friends and foes. - Publishers WeeklyOne of the longest-running and most successful shared-world anthology series continues to explore different aspects of the wars and other relations of humanity and the felinoid, ferocious, surprisingly complex Kzin - BooklistCover illustration: Stephen Hickman