The Goliath Stone

The Goliath Stone

Larry Niven

Language: English

Publisher: Tor Books

Published: Aug 15, 2013

Words: 58860
Pages: 260


A visionary new tale from Larry Niven and Matthew Joseph HarringtonThe year is 2052 and Dr. Toby Glyer has effected miracle cures with the use of nanotechnology. But Glyer's controversial nanites are living thingsa new form of lifeand they have more uses than just medical. They also have the potential to make everyone on Earth rich from the wealth of asteroids...if he can control them.Unfortunately, as every parent learns, when you produce a new, thinking being, the plans it makes are not necessarily your plans. And when a two-hundred gigaton asteroid that rivals the rock that felled the dinosaurs is hurtling toward Earth on a collision course, you don't have time to argue. Will Glyer's nanites be Earth's salvation or destruction?