Spider World: The Delta

Spider World: The Delta

Wilson, Colin

language: English

Publisher: Grafton

Publishing date: May 15, 1988

Words: 101146
Pages: 378


LAIR OF THE DEATH SPIDERS Now that he has forced the tyrannical Spider Lord to an impasse. Niall - and his rebellious beetle allies must head for the delta regions to locate the source of the totalitarian arachnid's immense power. The eight-legged tyrant commands an energy source that can bring the fallen dead back to life-in monstrous new forms. Aided by the irrepressible Bill Doggins and the vision of his thought mirror, Niall is at last able to grasp the meaning of this power. In captured spider balloons they cross the seas, continuing on foot through a seething forest of flesh-eating trees, driven to kill by a primal force-which must be fought and subdue: if the planet Earth is once SPIDER WORLD THE DELTA is the second brilliantly imagined volume of Coin Wilson's stunning science fiction saga of humaity's struggle against a' race of genocidal spiders. Reviews for SPIDER WORLD: THE TOWER 'Brilliantly managed, skilfully executed' **