Executive Orders

Executive Orders

Tom Clancy

Book 9.0 of Jack Ryan Universe

Language: English

Publisher: HarperCollins

Published: Aug 15, 1996

Words: 461432
Pages: 1761


A runaway Jumbo jet has crashed into the Capitol Building in Washington, leaving the President dead along with most of the Cabinet and Congress. Dazed a confused, the man who only minutes before was confirmed as the new caretaker Vice-President is told that he is now President of the United States.President John Patrick RyanBut how do you run a government with out a government? Where do you begin? Ryan knows that the eyes of the world are on him now - and many of them are unfriendly. In Beijing, in Tehran and even in Washington, there are those eager to take advantage. Soon they will make their moves; soon they will present Jack Ryan with a crisis so even he could not imagine it.'