Triumph of the Darksword

Triumph of the Darksword

Weis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy

Book 3.0 of The Darksword Trilogy

Language: English

Published: Jul 21, 2010

Words: 117174
Pages: 466


Triumph of the Darksword by Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman **Volume III in the heroic saga of magic, betrayal and adventure, The Darksword Trilogy.** In the realm where magic *is *life, Joram was one of the Dead. Born without power, he was denies his royal birthright and sentenced to the *Turning*—his mind to be imprisoned inside a husk of living stone. Yet at the last moment, Saryon took his place, suffering the eternal torment for his young master, And joram and his wife Gwendolyn vanished into the mists that marked the Border of the World. . . .  Now, ten years later, Joram and Gwendolyn have returned to reclaim their rightful place in Merilon. Wielding one last time the terrible, magic-thirsting Darksword, Joram must confront the evil sorcerer Menju and his army of Technologists from beyond the Border in a final apocalyptic battle. Rejoined by Saryon, the mage Mosiah and Simkin, Joram will fulfill the ancient prophecy of the Darksword—the prophecy that puts in his hands the power to destroy the world . . . or save it.