Enemy Within

Enemy Within

Hubbard, L. Ron

Book 4.0 of Mission Earth

Language: English

Publisher: Galaxy Press

Published: Oct 28, 2003

Words: 111289
Pages: 483


Will the galactic fate of Earth be determined by a Mafia family run by a six-foot-six former Roxy chorus girl?
Can Voltarian fleet officer Jettero Heller accomplish his secret mission while living at the posh Gracious Palms whorehouse across the street from the United Nations?
Is a nature appreciation class at a New York university really the way to stop the devastation planned by the 110-planet Voltarian confederacy?
What does a bubble bath, a NATO task force off the shores of Manhattan, Rudolf Valentino, James Cagney, a Turkish belly dancer, Connecticut deputy sheriffs, the last surviving member of Hitler's general staff and a Long Island demolition derby have to do with the survival of Earth?
How does a planet get itself into such a ridiculous predicament?
Earth is in the path of conquest of the most powerful empire in the Galaxy. Combat engineer Heller has been sent to secretly arrest the pollution to make the planet inhabitable for the coming Voltarian invaders.
Narrated by the alien killer sent to secretly sabotage Heller's mission, THE ENEMY WITHIN is rollicking, high-speed adventure with the most bizarre collection of incidents and characters.

The sensational Mission Earth series continues in The Enemy Within as the Imperial agents implement their insidious invasion. Join Bridge Publications in the spectacular profits of this winning series--just in time for the Holiday season!