Videssos Cycle, Volume 2

Videssos Cycle, Volume 2

Turtledove, Harry

language: English

Publishing date: Apr 16, 2013

Words: 306919
Pages: 1263


The classic fantasy series from "one of alternative-history's stalwarts" (*The New Yorker*) continues in the adventure of a lifetime.** Harry Turtledove's brilliant re-imaginings of major world events have thrilled fans for decades, but he first captured readers' attention with the Videssos Cycle, a unique blend of fantasy and speculative history. In this two-book volume, a Roman legion, thrown into another world, fights its way through sorcery, intrigue, and epic conflict. THE LEGION OF VIDESSOS** Since the legion was mysteriously transported to this magical realm, Roman military tribune Marcus Aemilius Scaurus has valiantly served the rulers of the war-torn city of Videssos. However, Fortune is a fickle goddess. Returning in triumph after defeating a well-entrenched army of rebel mercenaries, Marcus is betrayed by a friend, seized as a traitor, and dragged before the Emperor. Only one person may be able to save him: the Emperor's...