Wizard at Large

Wizard at Large


Book 3.0 of Magic Kingdom of Landover

Language: English

Publisher: Orbit

Published: Aug 12, 1987

Words: 89877
Pages: 392


Ben Holiday, the High Lord of Landover, is back in his rightful place. The evil wizard Meeks has finally been dealt with, and all seems at peace. But, even in a Magic Kingdom, peace never lasts long... It was all Questor Thews' fault, whether or not the inept Court Wizard wanted to admit it. His bumbling attempt to return Abernathy, the Court Scribe, from the body of a dog to his original human form, resulted in the Scribe disappearing from a magic circle, to be replaced by a multi-coloured bottle. The bottle looked familiar to Thews but he couldn't quite remember why. More importantly, so it seemed, Abernathy had been wearing the High Lord's medallion, the loss of which curtailed Ben's powers drastically; and Abernathy had come to rest in a castle on Earth belonging to Michel Ard Rhi, son of the old High Lord, and Scribe's sworn enemy...