In the Nick of Time

In the Nick of Time

Rankin, Ian & James, Peter

Book 19.5 of Inspector Rebus

Language: English

Published: Aug 15, 2014

Words: 5317
Pages: 21


In this short story from the thrilling anthology *FaceOff*, bestselling authors Ian Rankin and Peter James—along with their most famous characters, John Rebus and Roy Grace—team up for the first time ever. Detectives John Rebus and Roy Grace could not be more different. Different generations, different backgrounds, and not to mention, they work 500 miles apart. The case that eventually brings them together centers on a crime that happened when Rebus was just a teenager in the 1960s—but it took place in Roy Grace’s stomping grounds in Brighton, England, at a time when violence erupted between rival gangs known as Mods and Rockers. Now, a deathbed confession in in Edinburgh brings Rebus and Grace together to investigate a cold case with a shocking twist. For more exciting pairs, check out all eleven stories in *FaceOff*!