The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within

Joshua Dalzelle

Book 4.0 of Omega Force

Language: English

Published: Aug 15, 2014

Pages: 318
Words: 77785


The quadrant is burning. Violent, deadly uprisings are breaking out, seemingly at random, all across the Confederation's sphere of influence. The response by the powerful Confederation Fleet has been swift and decisive, but for every planet they restore order to, another erupts into chaos. Omega Force is working along the frontier worlds when they're forced to come to the aid of a longtime ally and soon realize that the two events are not unrelated. The deeper they dig into the occurrences, the more Captain Burke finds he doesn't know who he can trust as he tries to unravel the mystery and not only exonerate his friend but keep himself, and his crew, alive. ------------------------------------------- Omega Force Series: Omega Rising Omega Force: Soldiers of Fortune Omega Force: Savage Homecoming Omega Force: The Enemy Within