Lady Slings the Booze

Lady Slings the Booze

Robinson, Spider

Language: English

Publisher: Ace

Published: Jan 1, 1992

Words: 97751
Pages: 430


### A SPREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN ... ... at Lady Sally's, the House that *is* a home—the interplanetarily notorious bordello where customers need not necessarily be human, as long as they have good manners. Lady Sally McGee (wife of time-traveling bartender Mike Callahan) has designed her House for "equal opportunity enjoyment," helping clients of all erotic tastes—and species—celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of ecstasy. Small wonder, then, that she encounters people as unique and memorable as Joe Quigley, a brilliant but unlucky private dick in grave danger of going public . . . Arethusah, the telepathic blonde who's twice the woman she appears to be ... genius Nikola Tesla, the forgotten father of the 20th Century, back from the dead . . , and the terrifying nuclear terrorist known as The Miner.... Doing for sex what his famous Callahan's Place series did for drink, multiple-Hugo-winner Spider Robinson offers adventure, and a vision of what eroticism might be like if humans were a sentient species. "Nobody's perfect. But Spider comes pretty damned close." _Ben Bova "Robinson is the hottest writer to hit science fiction since Harlan Ellison." *—Los Angeles Times*