The Coming of the Quantum Cats

The Coming of the Quantum Cats

Frederik Pohl

Language: English

Publisher: Spectra

Published: Aug 15, 1995

Words: 90029
Pages: 360


A brilliant novel of alternate universes by an award-winning science fiction masterA breakthrough in quantum physics has shattered the boundaries between alternate worlds. History is in chaos as billions of possible futures collide. As a conquering army mounts an invasion of neighboring realities, a handful of men and women from a dozen different timelines risk their lives to safeguard an infinity of worlds.Blending thrilling suspense with brilliant scientific speculation, Frederik Pohl's The Coming of the Quantum Cats is a triumph of the imagination by a Hugo and Nebula-winning master of science fiction."A powerful novel of parallel worlds and might-have-beens, with an eerie, amazing finish!"--David Brin