The Age of the Pussyfoot

The Age of the Pussyfoot

Frederik Pohl

Language: English

Publisher: Corgi

Published: Aug 15, 1971

Words: 82527
Pages: 351


MAN ALIVECharles Forrester was out of the deepfreeze. It had taken several centuries to bring him back to life. But what a life it was!The 26th Century offered pleasure at the flip of a button -- everything from gourmet food to stupendous sex right there for the asking. And for a rich man like Forrester, the possibilities of delight were endless. Of course, everything else was endless too. But by the time Forrester realized that he had had enough of a good thing -- even too much! -- he realized that he would somehow have to kill himself if he were ever to survive!It was the Age of the Pussyfoot"Pohl is a blithe satirist in this one and it's fun." -Kirkus Reviews