Narabedla Ltd

Narabedla Ltd

Frederik Pohl

Language: English

Publisher: Del Rey

Published: Jan 1, 1988

Words: 118088
Pages: 474


Years ago, Nolly Stennis had been a promising baritone. On the threshold of a great career with Narabedla Ltd., illness had ruined his voice. Then a cellist friend received an offer from Narabedla, only to disappear shortly thereafter. When Nolly set out to investigate, he found intergalatic intrigue beyond imagination. Now Narabedla is determined to keep him quiet -- by making his greatest dreams come true . . . From Publishers Weekly When he is shanghaied from Earth to the second moon of the seventh planet of the star Aldebaran, accountant Nolly Stennis loudly demands to be sent home. Then an alien surgeon repairs the damage of an adult case of the mumps, giving ex-opera singer Nolly back his voice and virility. Within days, alien impresarios send him on tour in Don Giovanni with other waylaid human singersto the applause of thousands. Somehow, his return doesn't seem so crucial anymore. Until, that is, his fellow abductees explain what's in store for those who don't cooperate. Pohl's vigorous narrative voice makes the brisk opening a grabber. In the slower middle section, he uses the reader's interest in his characters to once again pose a moral dilemma in vivid images, most memorably in the monstrous executioner who turns out to be Nolly's doctor. Copyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Library Journal When two performing artists die unexpectedly after accepting an offer for a worldwide tour, former singer Nolly Stennis follows a trail of coincidence and sinister occurrences to its source, a mysterious organization known as Narabedla Ltd., and embarks on a journey beyond his wildest dreams. Conspiracy theories and alien-race kidnappings get their comeuppance in sf veteran Pohl's latest novel. Recommended for sf collections. JC Copyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc.