The Worthing Chronicle

The Worthing Chronicle

Card, Orson Scott

Book 3.0 of Worthing

language: English

Publisher: Endeavour Venture

Publishing date: May 1, 2018

Words: 101447
Pages: 397


The Worthing Chronicle by Orson Scott Card **From the award-winning, bestselling author of *Ender's Game*, comes *The Worthing Chronicle*** "No one saw the brief flare in the star named Argos; it would be years before astronomers would connect the Day of Pain with the End of Worthing. And by then the change was done, the worlds were broken, and the golden age was over." **If you would be a God, you must pay the price.** Jason Worthing was a telepath, and the best of the ark captains sent to conquer and seed humankind anew on a hundred new worlds.  He vowed that his new-world would be different from the stagnant one he had fled. He established his colonists and his descendants; and when he was sure that they would survive, he sealed himself in the last *somec* chamber in all the galaxy, triggered to awaken him when his world had built a new civilization.  But using *somec* to disturb and manipulate the natural course of life cultivated dangers of its own. Worthing slept for fifteen thousand years.  And when he awoke from his frozen slumber, it was to a future he had never dreamed of. Corrupt forces had emerged and a strange form of mind reading had been carried down to other generations. In a profound tale that spans thousands of years and barren lands, Jason tries to reconcile the past with the present, amidst those who lost their memories entirely and dreams that bring strange, disturbing visions of the past.  Reflecting on the arrival and purpose of pain and sorrow, *The Worthing Chronicle* is a gripping science fiction tale that considers communal experiences of joy emerging from suffering in deconstructed worlds.  ***Praise for Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game:*** '… A major sf novel by any reasonable standards.' - *Booklist* 'Every volume of the Ender saga...comprises some of the most hauntingly brilliant writing of the decade' - *Interzone* '… knocks you sideways' - *Sunday Express* 'Almost impossible to put down' - *LOCUS* ***About Orson Scott Card​*** **Orson Scott Card** is the bestselling author best known for the classic *Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow*and other novels in the Ender universe. Most recently, he was awarded the 2008 Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement in Young Adult literature, from the American Library Association. Card has written sixty-one books, assorted plays, comics, and essays and newspaper columns. His work has won multiple awards, including back-to-back wins of the Hugo and the Nebula Awards-the only author to have done so in consecutive years. His titles have also landed on 'best of' lists and been adopted by cities, universities and libraries for reading programs. The Ender novels have inspired a Marvel Comics series, a forthcoming video game from Chair Entertainment, and pre-production on a film version. A highly anticipated *The Authorized Ender Companion*, written by Jake Black, is also forthcoming. Card offers writing workshops from time to time and occasionally teaches writing and literature at universities. Orson Scott Card currently lives with his family in Greensboro, NC.