Playgrounds of the Mind

Playgrounds of the Mind

Larry Niven

Language: English

Publisher: MacMillan

Published: Jan 1, 1991

Words: 200621
Pages: 743


*Also see: Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN [ACE] * **[ACE #1](** **The sequel to *N-Space*** *Playgrounds of the Mind* captures the startling range and variety of Larry Niven's spectacular career, from bestselling novels such as* Lucifer's Hammer *and *The Ringworld Engineers*, from his classic short stories of science fiction and fantasy, from his thought-provoking essays and non-fiction, from his innovative and seldom-seen work in comics (on such projects as* The Green Lantern Bible*), to an advance look at Larry Niven's upcoming projects. Like* N-Space, Playgrounds of the Mind *is a feast for Niven's millions of fans-and an impressive tribute to the man Arthur C. Clarke called his "favorite writer."