An Exchange of Gifts

An Exchange of Gifts

Anne McCaffrey

Language: English

Publisher: San Val

Published: Jan 1, 1995

Words: 14558
Pages: 64


When Meanne, a princess of the realm, runs away from her father's castle and an unwanted suitor, little does she realize the hardships and difficulties that lie ahead of her. Loneliness is the worst part -- until she finds a fellow refugee, a boy named Wisp. Together they must make new lives for themselves. Yet they both have secrets -- hidden pasts and magical powers that can tear them apart! ** ### From Booklist McCaffrey's latest is a sweet, romantic fantasy set in a realm where each person is born with a gift that determines their future. Meanne, who is not allowed to practice her gift of making plants grow and thrive--because it is so "unsuitable for a princess of the Blood Royal to insert her royal hands in common dirt" --runs away to a deserted, run-down forest hunting lodge. Unschooled in many of the practicalities of setting the hut to rights, she is delighted when a boy named Wisp shows up and joins forces with her. Readers may suspect it before Meanne does, but Wisp has a frightening gift that works a great change for Meanne yet bodes well for their future together. This is an enticing little book, made more so by Pat Morrissey's delicate line drawing that frames each two-page spread of text, and McCaffrey fans of all ages will adore it. *Sally Estes* ### About the Author Anne McCaffrey is the author of **Freedom's Landing**, **Freedom's Choice**, and **Freedom's Challenge**. In 1999 she received the Margaret A. Edwards Award, given by the American Library Association, for lifetime achievement. One of science fiction's most beloved writers, Anne lives in Ireland.