Escape Plus

Escape Plus

Ben Bova

Language: English

Publisher: Tor Books

Published: Oct 15, 1984

Words: 75395
Pages: 301


No one could move without being followed. No one could speak without being overheard. The almost sentient computer system was everywhere. The prison was billed as "escape-proof," and sofar that was true. But Danny Romano was not about to believe it... the jail hadn't been built that could hold him. Danny would escape. Even if he had to permanently change his identity to do it. Contains 11 short stories: Escape! (1970) A Slight Miscalculation (1971) Vince's Dragon (1981) The Last Decision (1978) Men of Good Will (1964) Blood of Tyrants (1970) The Next Logical Step (1962) The Shining Ones (1975) Sword Play (1975) A Long Way Back (1960) Starts, Won't You Hide Me? (1966)