Key, Alexander

Language: English

Words: 23504
Pages: 91


Captured by spies, a robot dog fights to return to his master The Consolidated Mechanical Men Corporation makes all sorts of robots, but it has never produced a robot dog. When Bingo Brown, grandson of the famous navy inventor Commander Brown, sends in a request for just such a marvel, the engineers do their best, but no matter what they try, their standard brain just won’t fit inside the pooch’s head. Finally, they shave a bit off either side of the gray matter, and the result is Bolts: a scrappy little mutt with razor teeth, a razor wit, and a habit of speaking his utterly deranged mind. When a gang of Mongolian spies searching for Consolidated’s new superbrain diverts Bingo Brown’s shipment, the puppy puts up quite a fight. On the run from spies and desperate to find his owner, Bolts will prove that his bite is just as bad as his bark. Bolts is the 3rd book in the Sprockets series, which also includes Sprockets and Rivets and Sprockets.